Last Updated on September 12, 2020
 ... And Awaaay We Go !!
          At long last, we will be resuming our interrupted season - a season that was originally booked to begin on April 13th, was postponed until May 4th, then June 1st.  Finally, we began on June 15th.only to be shut down on July 10th.  It then sat dormant for eight long weeks.  But this is where patience and perseverence pay off.  We will begin again on Monday, September 14th.
          Naturally, certain guidelines and conditions have been imposed by St. Louis County to ensure everyone's safety.  It goes without saying that we wish to reopen responsibly and to adhere as closely as possible to these guidelines, many of which are not new.  We are all very familiar with these precautions by now, as they govern how we move through and occupy other public spaces.
          The main one is that of social-distancing.  The principle is simply this:  Persons should maintain a distance of at least six feet from all other persons at all times.  When social-distancing is impractical or impossible, a mask should be worn.  That is the mandate under which we have been living since March and it still applies here.
          The new guidelines indicate that players need not wear a mask on the field when they are actively playing and exerting themselves, though they should wear one when not actively playing.  I would imagine however, in order to be consistent with the long-standing mandate mentioned above, there is little need for a mask off the field as long as social-distancing is maintained.  For that reason, we strongly encourage teams to space themselves down their respective foul lines and maintain proper distancing.  The County also wants coaches to wear a mask.
          The new guidelines prohibit spectators, though that begs definition.  I cannot imagine that St. Louis County prohibits people from viewing a game at all, especially parents.  Rather, and once again to be consistent with other guidelines, it is no doubt intended to prohibit people from viewing the game in close proximity to the field.  With that in mind, we encourage parents to bring lawn chairs and properly distance themselves.  Members of the same family unit may congregate together, but should distance themselves from other individuals and family units.  BMAC is a multi-use city park encompassing 70 acres of lush greenspace.  let's utilize it.
          Symptom screening is also mandated under the new guidelines and BAA umpires will undergo this scrutiny daily.  Since central screening of individual players prior to each game on each field is simply impossible, we must rely upon parents and guardians to conduct the screening for themselves and their youngsters prior to leaving for the game.  (It's also a much safer way to handle it.)  A complete list of Covid-19 symptoms may be found on the CDC's website.  We encourage everyone to avail themselves of this important information.
          If we all do our part, we can enjoy a wonderful autumn end to what was supposed to be a spring season.  Yes, it has been tough, but we have the opportunity here to bring joyful closure to a very difficult year.  Now - LET'S PLAY BALL !!
PeeWee Soccer
          The NCTL travel league suspended its operations for 2020.  As a result, all age divisions above PeeWees were shut down.  In spite of that, BAA's PeeWee program, ages four through six, will play.  We can do this because our PeeWee division plays in-house, independent from the travel league.  The one change will be the start date.  In order to give our teams the opportunity to organize pre-season practices (and for this lockdown to ease up), Opening Day will be Saturday, September 26th.  Players who have already registered will be contacted by their coaches.
          For any still wishing to join our PeeWee soccer program, a few roster spots are still available.  Contact Bob Totterer through the email link on the upper right hand side of this homepage as soon as possible.
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