Last Updated on October 29, 2020
 A Lesson Learned From 2020
          What can be said about this crazy, crazy year?  I needn't rehash it; you all know the gory details.  But I think it's important to review the road we've traveled and why we undertook the journey.  I'm speaking, of course, about the dogged pursuit of our postponed and greatly disrupted baseball season. As you know, we were one of the few, perhaps the only youth program in St. Louis County, to actually follow through with a structured baseball season and play it to completion.  Slated to begin the second week of April, we didn't finish until the first week of October.  So why?  Why go through all the hassle, the headaches and the heartaches?  To answer that question I will share with you an email message I received from one of the teams that slugged it out with us until the bitter end.  I think you'll understand after you've read it:
          "I wanted to thank you again for your perseverance and endurance during this season.  Our world has been chaos this year and it would have been easy and completely acceptable for you to just throw in the towel and cancel baseball.  Your determination, patience and leadership provided a ton of opportunity for our boys, the coaches, and our families.  It was a great season and we deeply appreciate you and all you do for youth sports in our community.  We look forward to the 2021 season!"
          So you see, it's not just baseball.  To these boys and their families it was much more than that ... it was a celebration of life.  It was about engaging in combat with an elusive foe, refusing to succumb and emerging victorious.  It was about the reclamation of our lives, our life-styles and some degree of normalcy.  We are social creatures who desperately need each other and we won't be "distanced" from each other very far or for very long.  That is the lesson learned from this trying year.  No, it was about much more than baseball, though baseball was our anthem.
          Thank you, friends.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.  Most of all, thank you for your relentless American spirit.  We'll see you again in 2021.  There are indeed better days ahead.
Bob Totterer
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