Last Updated on May 15, 2020
Ready ... Set ... ?
          Ready or not, ladies and gentlemen, here we come!  St. Louis County is set to begin the reopening process on Monday, May 18th.  As you are probably aware, that process will be pursued through various phases in order to strike the balance between restoring our society to normal status and maintaining a reasonable level of public safety.
          To navigate those troubled waters, the St. Louis County Department of Public Health issued an Executive Order on May 8th.  That order prohibited public gatherings at sporting events until further notice, as their aim is to open gradually and carefully.  While we fully expect that restriction to be relaxed as we progress, we at BAA believe that giving it a few extra weeks would be advisable.
          For that reason, we will postpone the start of our season for an additional two weeks.  That is the latest we can begin the season and still offer a full schedule of games.  Assuming that we will be permitted to begin at that time, and that the conditions for doing so are not overly burdensome, Opening Day is now set for Monday, June 15th.  Schedules will be published by June 1st.
          Friends, your patience and your support have been unbelievable.  We have experienced very few departures, and even those have been both courteous and respectful.  Truly, we have all been in this together.  BAA exists to provide wholesome, youth-centered athletics for your sons and daughters.  Throughout this pandemic, we have believed that our role was to hang in there and stay prepared to deliver on that promise unless and until it proves to be impossible to do so.
          So stay tuned, folks.  I will update this message as new information emerges.  It is my hope that the month of June will bring a much brighter outlook ... and baseball like it oughta be.
Bob Totterer
President, BAA
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