The Bridgeton Athletic Association is pleased to present 2019 River Valley Baseball - an in-house league which plays at the Bridgeton Municipal Athletic Complex (BMAC) in Bridgeton, Mo.  Games are played Monday through Thursday; participating teams are expected to be available for play on these days.  All scheduling and rainout rescheduling is done by the league commissioner and posted online.  Please Note:  the following information applies specifically to the spring/summer session.
          The 8 & Under division is the first year of kid-pitch and the final phase of River Valley Baseball's training league.  As such, it differs somewhat from the divisions of baseball that are above it.  The games are formatted into seven innings or one hour and thirty minutes (1:30) hard time.  Under hard time rules, the game ends precisely at one hour and thirty minutes or upon conclusion of seven innings, whichever comes first.  No standings are kept in the 8 & Under division and all players will receive a participation trophy at season's end.
          Ages 9u and up play a 7-inning, 1:45 format.  9u and up do not play under hard time rules.  If game time remains and seven innings have not been completed, a new inning will begin and play to conclusion.  Team and individual trophies are presented to first and second place teams in each of these divisions.  Age divisions are divided into A and AA whenever possible, to facilitate two levels of competition - AA being the more competitive level.  Rules for the various divisions are available through this website.  Coaches and parents are encouraged to familiarize themselves with them to better prepare for league play.  To access them, simply select Rules from the Baseball drop-down.
          Age limitations for River Valley Baseball are based upon a May 1st cutoff.  In other words, to participate in the 10 & Under division, a player should not attain the age of eleven (11) prior to May 1st in the year of participation.  See the River Valley Baseball rules for more details on this, and other regulations.  Registrations for the spring/summer sessions are conducted on an individual basis, though team managers must pre-apply their teams online for placement. No birth certification is required at the time of registration.  Players will be placed on the team of their choice, pending approval by the team's manager.
          Teams interested in participating should submit an online application by visiting the Fieldhouse. When approved, managers should post their rosters as soon as possible and instruct parents to attend one of the registration sessions. Individuals wishing to register for the player pool and possible placement should also attend a session, register and pay the fee. The league commissioner will place pool players as opportunity permits.  NOTE:  Placement in BAA's athletic programs is diligently pursued, but not guaranteed.
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